Hydropower in Africa

Africa’s great potential and challenges 
Africa, more than ever, is committed to work hard for development. Achieving a sustainable energy supply is the backbone of the progress that Africa is striving for. The world is calling for clean energy to save and maintain the environment for future generations. Hydropower is a prominent renewable resource that Africa possesses. Plans to develop have been constrained due to the capital-intensive investment, and the need for greater clarity on social and environment aspects. ‘Hydropower for Sustainable Development 2011’ is a high-level conference that will bring insight to these constraints and propose solutions to the multifaceted challenges faced in developing hydropower in a sustainable way. Financing hydropower projects will be a special focus during the conference. Thorough consideration will be given to social and environmental impacts in implementation, and solutions to tackle the constraints and capitalize on the benefits will be assessed. The conference will have a special focus on regional collaboration.